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Welcome to our modern age
Where everyone is connected
And no one’s engaged
Where your high school grades
Mather more than your own brains
And your personality is picked up
Fleshed out and all individuality
Is pecked clean by teenage insecurities

Welcome to the age of dreams
Where you are told to reach for the stars
But soon find out
That the stars are too far
Too unrealistic, way too hard
Weighted, brought down
By social expectations
And you are forced to leave behind
The pieces of lost hopes
Shattered dreams of childhood reveries
That soon lay forgotten
In a pile of a million disappointments

Welcome to the age of infidelities
Where love can be bought and sold
Like a brand new car
Loyalties towards family and friends
Are soon forgotten by age ten
What happened to the days people where happy
To see an old friend
Walking by, and stopping
To meet up, catch up on old times
Nowadays, where all connected
By social Medias that seem to have forgotten
What it was like to talk
Without smiley’s
Winkies and frony faces

Welcome to the age of beauty
Where anyone a few steps short
Are told by those of their peers
That they are not only ugly
But don’t belong in any social graces
You are forced to learn to ignore it
Never admitting to anyone not even yourself
The maybe what they’re saying
Is actually true
That maybe just maybe
Your face too ugly
Your body to fat
Until like maggots
Eating away at your brain
You actually start to believe what they are saying
That you are worthless
Little more than a freak
That even Frankenstein’s monster
Is prettier than you will ever be

Welcome to the teenage dream
Where you are surrounded
By vultures waiting for you to slip up
And let the mask drop
So they can laugh at all originality
And no matter how much time passes
You will always remember
Those words that tell you
You are not good enough
And never have been good enough
Until slowly, bit by bit
You learn to accept it
That yeah, you aren’t good enough
But then neither are they
And those very same fears
That racked in your brain
Have been going on in their heads too
The only thing is,
While they brought you down
Stomped on you
Called you names
And spat on you
You got up, stomped on them
Called them names
And spat right back
Because if one thing being young has taught us
Whatever hurts us will hurt right back
And we have the choice
To wield this weapon
This double edged sword
That comes with being who we are
I only pray that we will one day learn our lesson
And that when someone hurts us
We learn to let it go
To break these chains
Of lies and depression.
Sorry, I know this is rediculasly long, but what can I say this is to make up for my abscense!



Artist | Literature
I am a big fan of CLANNAD :)

Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite cartoon character: too many
Personal Quote: I'm a poet and I know it
God blessed the broken road
Because everyone will walk upon it
At least once in there lives

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